Special Event...

How many years have YOU been married?


Our 100th anniversary event for February is scheduled for February 10 and 11.  The parishes will be celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage as Fr. Mesmer will acknowledges all married couples and celebrates how many years couples have been married. Fr. Mesmer will also invite couples to renew their vows during each mass.  Join us for a  reception in St. Helena's parish hall following  Saturday’s 4:30 mass.  All are welcome to attend.  There will be activities for children.

Please follow the link provided below to register the number of years that you have been married and if you and your family will be attending the reception.

The first marriage at St. Helena's was Arthur Laguerre & Frances Jackson, from Kenwood NY on August 29, 1917

There have been 27 marriages celebrated this past year.

In our parishes, the couple married the longest is ??????????? (still working on this one!)

Shoot for the royal record! Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip celebrated 75 years of marriage in 2017!

Did you know...

There has been 756 marriages since 1917.

Celebrate your love with us!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

St. Helena's

4:30pm Mass

Reception to follow

Sunday, February 11, 2018

8:30am at Holy Family

10:45am at St. Helena's

Complete this short form to share how many years you have been married!   You can also add your reservation for the reception.

Pope Francis Quotes...

“Love is something that comes about. It’s a reality that grows. As an example, we could even say that it’s like building a home. You build a home together, not alone!”

“Living together is an art, a patient, beautiful, fascinating journey. It does not end once you have won each other’s love… Rather, it is precisely there where it begins! This journey of every day has a few rules that can be summed up in three phrases…MAY I? THANK YOU. I’M SORRY. "

"Married couples joined by love speak well of each other; they try to show their spouse’s good side, not their weakness and faults. In any event, they keep silent rather than speak ill of them. This is not merely a way of acting in front of others; it springs from an interior attitude."

“Love needs time and space; everything else is secondary.”